Interior Designing With A Difference

Interior designing is correlated to expressing yourself. You need to put a little bit of thought before you hang a picture on a wall or place a plant next to a door. Are you one of the unconventional thinker wo does not like to stick to a bunch of rules? If you are, and you are looking redecorate your house or your room, we have some useful tips for you.

Research and Learn

Read and research about bohemian lifestyles. You might find yourself being exactly like Frida Kahlo or Leonard Cohen. Maybe you will realize that you are not there yet. Whichever it is, learning about the lifestyle and the famous bohemians you admire is important to get yourself to think out of the box. When it comes to good interior decoration ideas, Pinterest should be your best friend. There are so many ideas for you. You do not have to stick to a certain pattern or stick or design. However, research and learning is important to open up your mind.

Express yourself

Most of the boho interior designs are do-it-yourself projects that you can make do at home. Bohemianism means being artistic and creative. By doing your décor yourself you can really showcase what you like and feel. Getting the bohemian effect is not as hard as you think. Forget what was displayed in magazines. There are small extremely cool looking boho home decor shops that you can purchase a few supplies from. However, most of the designs can be done using things you already own. Your interior should make you feel like you are free, adventurous and unconventional.

Make use of the unusual

You can search for different kinds of bohemian accessories online and if even purchase some if you need. However, this purely is based on your preference and thinking. There might find a fading sheet at home that you wanted to get rid of, ever thought that it would make a great rug? Everything at home can be used in some way to redecorated your room according to this theme. It is important that you don’t leave empty spaces and empty walls. Use dream catchers, plants or art to cover up empty walls. One other unusual yet interesting change you can do is by bringing your seating to the floor. This Moroccan inspired seating arrangement saves money you would invest on a couch. All you need is some comfortable cushions.

Mix and Match

Color coordination is not something that is in a bohemian’s vocabulary. You need to mix up and make a colorful mess. This shouldn’t bother for you as taking risks should not be a matter to you. The end product of your mess will be beautiful and impressive to any bohemian you know.

The difference between a bohemian interior and a common interior is that you will never find another place like yours. There will be something unique and different to make you feel liberated, free, creative and expressive.

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